Yah! LaravelDash

A beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

        Laravel ~ $ 


  • Packagist
            $ composer require yal/laraveldash

Modern UI

The design don’t just look good though, they are also fully mobile responsive to accommodate users that are accessing your app ,no matter what size screen they have.

Stripe Checkout

Smart payment page that works seamlessly across devices and is designed to increase your conversion.

Simple MVC Architecture

Similar to how you'd build it without laravelDash. To create a management page (aka CRUD), you create a CrudController

Vue2Editor Integration

Your editor for rich text editing built with Vue.js and Quill.js , Simple setup so you can get started quickly , Offers the options you need for more complex scenarios

Minimal Technology Stack

PHP, HTML, SASS. Those are all the technologies you need to know, to customize anything in laravelDash.

Simple Configuration

Configurations allows you to set various themes and layout options. It also allow setting site name and default outgoing email address.

Read our documentation for advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations




  • Add laravelDash documentation website
  • Remove .gitignore file from published directory


  • Fix validation for array elements
  • Added Laravel 7 support
  • Fix models not returning save result
  • Big refactoring


  • Laravel 5.4 support
  • Add Vue2Editor Integration
  • Add Stripe Checkout